Lil Wayne – Tunechi’s Room

Lil Wayne – Tunechi’s Room Music Mp3 Download

Lil Wayne the American Rapper and song writer released his single track titled “Tunechi’s Room” which we made available for Free Mp3 Download.

Lil Wayne is a promising artist that gives out the best in the music production.

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Lil Wayne – Tunechi’s Room Lyrics

One big room full of bad bitches x8
Fu got the weed, Marl got the gun
They say numbers don’t lie
Bitch, I’m not the one
Hammers in ya face, this is not a dream
And you get in every page in this magazine
Bumping UGK, talking about a murder
We roll a Dr. Jay and then we light that Julius Erving
I got p-ssy on the way and p-ssy on the way out
Life is a beach and these hoes trying to lay out
Tunechi, Tunechi, tote the tooly
F-ck around and pop ya
My homies got that white girl
Call it Lady Gaga
Glock for Tini, nina colada
Suck, swallow, semen, saliva
I’m going at your collar
F-ck you hoe niggas!
Weezy go hard, you bitches go figure
Diamonds in my teeth like I’m a f-cking dope dealer
You’re a dead man walking: Michael Jackson Thriller
I’m in one big room, full of bad bitches..
It goes: Tunechi, Tunechi
Tote the tooly, f-ck around and pop ya
My homies got that white girl
Call it Lady Gaga
It goes: Tunechi, Tunechi
Tote the tooly, to f-ck around and pop ya
Back where I started on my set, in black
All chrome Glock looking like a platinum plaque
We don’t pack extra clips, we pack extra Gats
And all my hoes dirty like welcome mats
Til the wheels fall off: I can fix a flat
If you’re scared go to church and get a scripture tat
Guns the size of children, now don’t be childish
Be with wild-ass niggas and I am the wildest.
I’m a motherf-cker, call me Weezy baby
And on the end of the barrel I got a sweet potato
My life is a movie, I got a leading lady
My rooftop drop back like Tom Brady
I got the world in my hands, skateboard n’ my vans
And all my boys stay strapped like we live in Iran
I know what I can do, so bitch I do what I can
Drop that Sorry 4 the Wait, man
I’m just saying

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