How to Become a Citizen of Canada

How to Become a Citizen of Canada

On this article you will be getting information about how to become a Citizen of Canada. So let’s get started about it. So do you want to migrate to Canada live work and study? Or you want to become a member of Canadian? Then let us show you how to become a citizen of Canada, getting Canadian citizenship certificate and overall eligibility criteria.

For those who have stayed in Canada for a while you will probably be thinking of how to become a Canadian citizen. You will first think of how to know whether you are qualified to apply for a citizenship in Canada.

If you know, there are many process and guidance to get started as a Canadian citizen or equally criteria to follow through to apply for Canadian citizenship. You need to understand how the Canadian citizenship application methods works and equally which documents you will need to apply for.

Below are some of the things you need to know before getting to apply for Canadian citizenship application and how to get started.

Canada Permanent Residence

Despite your age, if you are applying to be a citizen of Canada, you need to have a Canadian Permanent residence.

Meaning :

  • You should not be under investigation for anything related to immigration or fraud
  • To asked to leave Canada by Canadian officials (removal order)
  • Not meet up the requirements or conditions of pertaining to your PR status, such as medical screening.

Canadian Citizenship Requirements

Some Candidates must meet up with a certain amount of requirements for them to become a citizen of Canada which are:

  • Be a permanent residents who has been able to spend three of their previous five years in Canada (1,095 days).
  • You need to have submitted your taxes
  • Be able to prove your language skills in English or French Language

Furthermore, the below factor may effect your Canadian citizenship eligibility:

  • You have outstanding terms and conditions on permanent residents status
  • Being given an order to depart from Canada
  • For misunderstanding, you have been denied Canadian citizenship
  • Your citizenship in Canada has been revoked.

How to check Canada citizenship Eligibility ?

To check if you are eligible for a Canadian citizen you need to answer few questions here.

How to apply for citizenship in Canada

For any applicants who wish to apply for a citizenship in Canada online or on paper. You can apply on paper only if you are not eligible for online application. However don’t try to apply for a citizenship in Canada both ways.

The application fees are same as to apply online or on paper:

  • Adult (18 or older): $630
  • Minor (under 18): $100

Meanwhile, no matter how you apply, you can pay your fees online and include the receipt in your application.

Canada citizenship test

You will need to undergo some Canada citizenship test.

  • Which is either in English or French
  • You will be needing to answer those test questions in 30 minutes long and it’s contains 20 questions that’s either multiple choice, true or false and also you need to get atleast 15 out of 20 questions right to pass the test.

NB: Understand that you can take the test after you receive invitation from Canadian government.

  • However, if you gave an email address when you want to apply for citizenship in Canada, you will be emailed or your representatives an invite by email.
  • Meanwhile, the test invitation letter will be a PDF file attached to the invitation email.
  • However to avoid missing the email, please check your junk or spam folder
  • Also look for an invitation from an email address that’s ends in “”
  • In another notes, if you or your representatives did not give an email address
  • You can give one by using the Webform, or you will be called.

Requirements for Canada citizenship tests

To undergo a Canadian citizenship tests, you need to follow and adhere to the following request.

  • A piece of identification (ID), like your permanent residents card (even if expired or not)
  • A valid (not expired) ID with your photo and signature on it (for example, drivers license or health card)
  • Your application number and unique clients identifiers (UCI)
  • You will find them in your test invitation.
  • An Valid email address
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A desktop computer, laptop or tablet with webcam
  • A chrome or Safari Web browser
  • To close all other applications on your devices, this includes application that’s uses your webcam or allow screen sharing
  • To take the test by yourself
  • To be in a calm environment or room with good lighting so that the system can see you clearly through the webcam.

NB: Don’t use the following to take the test:

  • A mobile phone
  • Chrome on an iPad
  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • A virtual private network (VPN)

Begin The Canada Citizenship Test

  • When you are ready and interested to take the test. Just sign in with your
  • Application number, and your unique clients identifier (UCI) or clients ID
  • Start the Canada citizenship test
  • When you’re ready to take the test, sign in with your
  • Start your Canadian citizenship application test by signing in now.


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